• Luofeng Lin

Luofeng Lin


Lin Luofeng, now is studying at Journalism and Communication School in South China University of Technology(SCUT). During the university he participated and succeeded in organizing "2010 SCUT Sino-African Cultural Festival". He is also enthusiastic about public service activities. He is a volunteer of "Desert Island Library". Now he works as an internship editor in a magazine, to make a good preparation for the future.

It is my honor to be a material volunteer for GuangZhouLive. Here I must express thanks once more to GuangZhouLive. Thanks for her sincerity and generous, to let me get this opportunity and become the last volunteer. Although I am the last one I don’t think myself an unnecessary one. To help artists finish their work is my ultimate goal, I will do anything except for climbing a mountain of swords or plunging into a sea of flames; To payout and harvest joy is my attitude, I promise not to be lazy because I want to get more and more joyful. Alright, let me be a bit serious, Henri Matisse has ever said:” Black is also a color.” This is my favorite word and it is this word that broadened my horizons. Although I get shallow understanding about performance art, I am sure I will see a colorful brand new world through participating in this festival. It will influence me like Henri Matisse’s word has ever done.