• Chunyuan Jiao

Chunyuan Jiao  

Yolanda Jiao is the material volunteer of "Guangzhou • live", and studying at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine now, who major in acupuncture and massage. 

I loves in painting and dance.  I am a volunteer of the first Jazz Festival in Guangzhou in October 2009. In high school, I was the deputy director of School TV Station, and as a member of Governing Associations in undergraduate school. Now, I participate in many important activities of the organization and reception work in university. I have been a teacher for foreign students about some clinical work since 2009 in my college.      

I felt so excitement as I knew I become one of the "Guangzhou Live" volunteers. Because of some professional reasons that I love in Chinese art, I can participate in such a creative event in China, and feel the collision between the Western art and the Eastern thought, which is gorgeous. I hope we can help with our artists to erect an art door, so that more people know about contemporary art, like contemporary art.