• Yuxian Peng

Yuxian Peng


Peng Yuxian, Jane, student from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, major in Advanced Translation and Interpretation. I love translation & interpretation and am interested in art. Playing the piano, drawing and reading are my favourite pastime.

   I took part in the Canton Fair voluntary work in Nov. 2009 and EIC International Education Expo as a translation and interpretation helper in Oct.2010. At present, I’m an assistant in the Student Divination of GDUFS, a copywriter of www. English211.com, and the leader of Shenying Subtitle Workshop. I’ve translated and proofread many movies and TV plays including Shrek 4, Scott Pilgrim, Dance Academy, etc. I am also responsible for some translation work in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

  My job is translation and interpretation in Guangzhou Live, which gives me a marvelous opportunity to do something for art with my knowledge of English. I love the world of art, which is full of artists’ creativity and pertinacity. Art exists in real life and life, in fact, is a kind of art. I love exploring and feeling the beauty of life, which can always be found in the world of art. Translation is also a kind of art. It’s an art of compromise, like marriage. I’m looking forward to the 1st Guangzhou Live, where my translation skill can serve as a tool of communication among the great artists. I would also like to thank Guangzhou Live for providing me a special vision and new thoughts to feel this wonderful world.