• Shuangjie Wang



My name is WangShuangjie(Adele). I study German in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies for the fourth and last year. Besides I study Japanese for minor subject. I can speak not only smoothly mandarin, but also Cantonese. I love sport, reading and travel.

I work as a translator at “Guangzhou Live”.

In Sebtember and October, 2010 I worked as a translator in Dongguan for four weeks. In the meantime I’ve lernt a lot tranlation skills. Besides studying I’ve worked as a tour guide and a translator for the Germans. I guided them to the sightseeings in Guangzhou. I think that my experience can help for this event.

When I was a child, I would like to become a artist. But afterwards I found out that I had no that kind of gift. Regrettably I gave up my artistic dream and went into the study of maths and languages.Although I have little gift of art, I’m still glad to be one of the “Guangzhou Live”and have the chance to get so closed to the art and do something for it.