• Shanshan Lian

Shanshan Lian


Lian Shanshan, student in Nanjing Agricultural University, majored in English. In 2009, volunteer of Summer English Program of Amity Foundation, interpreter and receptionist. In 2010, publishing 5 articles in Jiangnan Times, participating in Sunshine International Camp (HK) to exchange to HKUST in one week, supporting education in Shanxi for one month in summer vocation, volunteer of 25th anniversary, interpreter and receptionist.

As a volunteer, I am an interpreter in Guangzhou Live.

From my personal perspective, no matter what kinds of forms they are showed, art works are combination of thoughts and emotions from artists. Stimulated by inspiration, passion and hard-work, the audience could appreciate the artists as well as be educated to gain the deep understanding of the world.

I listened respectfully to my best friend, who is majored in drama, about her impression about arts. I read about the frantic enthusiasm of the artists to their career. I was shocked by the photographic work. I am also obsessed in the colorful experience in literature. Whether elegance or popularity, arts bestow me the understanding of world as well as an opportunity to be moved.

Additionally, as an interpreter volunteer, I am accessible to help the artists in the process of showing their works, which will make me feel proud as I could also contribute to arts. On the other hand, it is so great I could learn more about arts from this experience.

Look forward to Guangzhou Live as well as my new appreciation to arts.