• Junhua Xu


 Xu Junhua

Xu Junhua, Jonaski, a senior from Shaoguan University major in Business English, as an interpreter and translator for Guangzhou Live.

To define “ART”, people would say a fabulous painting, a touching photograph or delicate porcelain. For me that is far more complicated to figure out its very meaning. For the record, it’s honored that I have become a part of this exciting fest. Here I want to express my thankful to organizers who provide this opportunity. With our volunteers’ great effort and initiative, Guangzhou Live will have a marvelous “1st time”.


I worked as a volunteering interpreter in the Event of multination Consul Generals support Mt. Danxiashan declaring UNESCO World Heritage Site (September 2009). Also, I was a secretary in the International Exchange Volunteer Association, Shaoguan University (September 2007 – October 2010), responsible for most of the international students and foreign delegations receptions.