• Daijuan Hua

Daijuan Hua  

Hua Daijuan,a British and American Literature major, graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Interpreter of Hartlepool and John Leggott College Chinese Parents Meeting, three-year university school magazine journalist and editor, and now a freelancer.

I am an interpreter volunteer of Guangzhou Live. Two years ago, when I brought the bold question of “what is art” to the artist at the art forum of the 798, I pictured that someday that I would be the one who was right next to the artist. Now having this opportunity to make that lucid dream a reality, I am  kindled with continuous excitement. “I have a dream”. Art, for me, is not authority or boundaries which exclude the simple and the ordinary. It’s the air everyone breathes, whenever in the paradise-of-artist Beijing or in commercialism-oriented Guangzhou. It’s live and real, and it’s all around you and me. Performance artists blur the boundaries and broaden the heart of the viewers with infinite possibilities.    

I am honored to be the bridge connecting the artists to the audience.