More than 35 artists from 24 countries have been invited to participate in this new action art event in Asia, which is Guangzhou Live 010.  

Major and emergent artists from all over the world will present their work in an event that will not compromise with artistic quality or with its objective; that artists doesn't have the right to compromise with their own existence.

The artistic selection at Guangzhou Live has as its criteria, as its artistic director Jonas Stampe puts it ”artistic excellence, courage, authenticity, presence, and originality".

If the international avant-garde of contemporary art will spark and invigorate a poetic understanding of our time, and of ourselves at Guangzhou Live 010, we are sure that the audience will be passionately engaged in an experience that goes far beyond the mainstream.

We are pleased to be able to present the full artistic program in September 2010, and we will not disappoint you


Ko Siu Lan. China. Wait time.