• Zhou Bin, China

Zhou Bin, China  

Born in 1970, lives and works in Chengdu.

Zhou Bin, the founder of UP-ON Live Art Space and UP-ON International Live Art Festival, Zhoubin was born in Xi'an, China and has graduated from Xi'an Fine Arts Institute. In the beginning in Xi'an and Beijing, he mainly worked with oil painting and installation. After 1997, he moved to Chengdu, he began to focus on performance art, since he thinks there are some critical power of performance art which cannot be replaced by other art forms in the context of contemporary China, especially in a situation where art is materialized. He also believes that performance art as a media is extremely misunderstood by government and civil society.  

Zhou Bin's performance creation focus on the emotion and the creative  experiment of the language of performance art itself. Since 1997, he has created and implemented almost 50 performance works in many countries. He is very active in different international performance art festivals.