• Sylvette Babin, Canada

Sylvette Babin, Canada


Sylvette Babin holds a Master in Open Media from Concordia University, Montreal city, where she lives and works. She has been working in performance since 1997.

Babin participated to a number of artistic events in Canada and oversee, notably Live Art Göteborg (Sweden, 2010), Chaos (Belfast, Ireland, 2010), Praxis (Greece, 2009), 7a*11d (Toronto, Canada 2008), InfrAction 07 and Préavis de désordre urbain (Sète & Marseille, France 2007), Viva! (Montréal, Canada 2006), SOS Tierra (Argentine 2006), International Congress of Performance (Chili 2005), FIX04 (Irlande 2004), Festival Interackje, (Pologne 2004).

Particularly interested in contextual art and site specific, her performances and installations are generally created where they occur. Babin's action propose metaphores related to certain physical emotional states, using strategies and devices that involves the body, absurd situations, or visual and sound play.  Also working as a writer, editor and curator, Babin has published in numerous journals, catalogues and artist books. She has work as the director of the magazine esse arts + opinions since 2002. In 2008, she curated the Canadian selection of InfrAction 08 (France) and in 2009 she co-curated the international event Orange in Saint-Hyacinthe (Canada).

Sylvette Babin. Infr'Action Sète 2006. © Infr'Action.