• Ng Fong Chao, Macau, China

Ng Fong Chao, Macau, China


Born in 1968, lives and works in Macao.

Noah Fong-Chao Ng is a famous performance artist in Macao. He was born in the province of ZheJiang in China, and settled in Macao since 1983. He studied Painting, Stone Engraving and Photography in Academy of Visual Arts at the Polytechnic Institute of Macau, and has participated in more than 50 collective exhibitions in China and overseas since 1990. He participated in over 60 local and international joint exhibitions and performed in modern plays since 1990. Now, he is an Exhibition Planner for the Macao Museum of Art, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau.


1991 Second prize of Art Category in the Contest of "Macau Dialogue of Cultures", and attended the cultural exchanges organized by the Portuguese Institute of Oriental Cultural Activities in Portugal
1992 Second prize of Art Category and Third prize of Photographic Category in the Contest of "Macau Dialogue of Cultures"
1999 First prize in "16th Collective Exhibitions of Macau Artists", Macao
First prize of Photographic in "4th Macau Biennial of Art", Macao

Solo Exhibitions

1999 "Macau-Product – Private Memo" in Fringe Club Agfa Gallery, Hong Kong

Main Exhibitions

2000 "NIPAF"- The 8th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (Japan)
"KIPAF"- Korea International Performance Art Festival (Korea)
"Exchange of Asian Young Artists" – Installation & Performance Art (Taiwan)
2005 "MIPAF"- 1st Macau International Performance Art Festival (Macao)
"Macau New Wave – Exhibition of Contemporary Art" (Macao)
2006 "Ruins: New Photography and Video from China at Inova" (USA)