• John Court, United Kingdom

John Court, England


John Court was born in the UK in 1969, and moved to Finland in 1997.  Court creates large scale drawings, performance and video works that reflect issues related to learning. His work has been exhibited in the UK, Scandinavia and Berlin, and has been featured in several prestigious European events including the Venice Biennale [2005], and the Liverpool Biennale [2004].

 In 1999 John court began a series of performances based on the ethics of the eight hour working day.  Court uses his body in motion to express the disarrangement of his learning experience.

 The performance space creates the immediacy of the juxtaposition between the self as body, the blank page and a page unread. In the everyday situation, time is invariably spent in flux between a variety of competing moods and emotions.

Time is spent, caught, wasted, killed, saved, lost, found; all these events are evident in performance works of John Court.

John Court. Art Tra. Live Action Gothenburg. 2007. © Stein Henningsen & Live Action Göteborg.