• Brian Connolly, Northern Ireland

Brian Connolly, Northern Ireland


Lives and works in Belfast.

Brian Connolly is a multi-media artist who's works often relate to 'place' or context. He employs a wide range of artistic processes, including Performance, Public Sculpture, Installation Art, and collaborative projects.

He currently employs two distinct Performance strategies: The first is geared to entice a non 'art' audience and takes the form of Market Stall intervention. Surreal humor is employed to question aspects of consumerism and global political and social ethics.

His other live works are often both place-specific & durational. These Performance works, generically entitled "Install-actions", are often visually elaborate and contain both political and spiritual metaphors.

“History Lesson” - ‘Install-action’, by Brian Connolly.

This work is a type of durational Performance/Installation, (now known as ‘Install-action’*), which grows in visual and spatial complexity over the duration of two days. The work takes the form of an elaborate matrix of white threads spun between architecture and trees, either within a darkened and blacked gallery space, or some external location. Ultraviolet lights illuminate the whole space and the threads and other white objects or materials fluoresce. The white threads suspend a variety of jam-jars containing illuminated images, text fragments, an Atlas, and other objects.
Over time as gravity acts on the growing matrix of white threads they become visually rich and grow in tension. The whole network of threads can shift out of place as the weight and tension within the matrix grows, and at times this can be visually dramatic. The work will refer to history and global political realities.
 (* The term ‘Installaction’ or ‘Install-action’ is a description or title for a new area of Performance Art developed and named by Brian Connolly in the mid 1990’s.)