• Barbara Sturm, Switzerland

Barbara Sturm, Switzerland


Lives and works in Basel.

"My Performance art is very connected with my life and my life is nothing special! It is being and like all being a summation of energy with tries to survive.

Interesting is, that I am searching for a language to talk what is, what happens and try to open eyes, but although open hearts. And I talk and communicate in honest way. I am sorry for being a bad liar, I am sorry that the truth is mostly bad news!

Life and art is magic and a big challenge!

I will not stop to try and try and work for dreams coming through.

With my performance art I found the language to talk, a chance to think about,

I work in FOR / OF / WITH.

FOR is in memory to somebody, a try to support somebody;

OF I take somebody’s idea, I am inspired of somebody and in

WITH I am in cooperation, work in exchange with other performance artists."

the project in September2010 in Switzerland: