• NiSi Lin

Nisi Lin, Project Manager



Nisi Lin is the project manager of Guangzhou Live and Shenzhen Action. She graduated with a BA in art history from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2009.

She has been working as a trainee at an auction house and an art gallery in 2008, and was the producer of a collective multimedia work ”Blind Eyes” which was presented at the Shanghai international art festival in 2008.

In late 2008 she became curatorial assistant and translator for the Austrian-Chinese contemporary art exchange project ”Beyond the Great Wall on the Little Fences” which toured Guangzhou, Beijing and Feldkirch, Austria in 2009. She is currently curating the exhibition ”New Chinese Paper Painting” which will open in Bregenz, Austria in 2011. 

"I am excited by the possibility to communicate with the artists that will come to Guangzhou Live from all over the world. To see what kind of chemical effects will result when artists from different cultural backgrounds blend their artistic ideas with the culture of this ancient land, using the avant-garde art media of action art as a tool. As the project manager of Guangzhou Live I hope that this event will be like a fresh wind that will spark and give our land and its contemporary art scene a new and inspiring vitality. That it will let the local citizen hear another voice than the mainstream, giving a new understanding through direct and first hand information about what this human and recent art media is all about, and of course, to be inspired by it."

Nisi Lin