Guangzhou Live is produced by GLSA, an independent workgroup that has as its mission to organise the two action art festivals Guangzhou Live and Shenzhen Action.

Its staff is made up by four people working in Shenzhen and Guangzhou and a large number of volunteers. As well as some persons working in Europe. More volunteers will be associated to the event as well as the staff from the 53 Art Museum. The GLSA team is there to make Guangzhou Live a success in all its different parts. From the planning of the festival, to its logistics, reception and of course its communication. More volunteers will be addded to these pages. So check it up,  the team will grow.

The fact that most in the staff are art historians, writing on contemporary art, and bi-lingual, ensures that the Guangzhou Live festival has the possibilities to develop further. But also that it will be an event focusing on the works, on discussions and a professional reception. It also promises that the event will become a great experience for the audience as well as the artists and everybody involved.


Joszef Juhasz. Slovakia. Rocco - Smoking Place