During a week Guangzhou will be the capital of international action art. From December 8-14 Guangzhou Live 010 will present more than 30 of the most exciting and important action artists on the planet.

We are convinced that it will be one of the highlights on the Chinese art scene in 2010, and maybe even in Asia. We are sure it will invigorate and spark a development towards experimentation and innovation. For the first time an international action art festival will be presented in the Guangdong province, in a private art venue, the new 53 Art Museum.

It will feature artists of different artistic tendencies, generations, nationalities, and cultures. But with one common artistic quality, being avant-garde. Being real.

The event will present an art that appeals to those that understand what they are feeling and seeing, emotionally and intellectually. Here you will discover new unique works that you will never see again, created by artists from all over the world.

So don’t miss out. Guangzhou Live 10 is here and now, it's ephemeral, it has attitude, it's fleeting, and it is avant-garde.


Boris Nieslony. Germany.