Guangzhou Live is produced by an independent workgroup based in Guangzhou.

Besides Jonas Stampe, its curator and founder, the festival has a group of 23 volunteers who are realizing the festival in all its different aspects from fundraising to planning, translation, logistics, media, documentation and any task that involves its production.
The work team is there to make Guangzhou Live a success in all its different parts.

The fact that the volunteers for Guangzhou Live all comes from different backgrounds and universities, like the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, South China Normal University, Sun Yat Sen University, Ginan University or Guangzhou University is, through its diversity, essential for its success. And most important, all volunteers have a passion for contemporary art, to discover the new and cutting-edge, to be there when it happens. The volunteer and the work groups are constituted by individuals who are used to team work, which promises that the event in 2011 will become a great experience for the audience as well as the artists and everybody involved.

Nyan Lin Htet. Burma. Infr'Action Sète. 2008.